Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Angelina Jolie Won T Hurt Jen Aniston S Feelings

Angelina Jolie

And the stars of were remarkablly absent from the fundraiser glitzy, than moreover it has been assisted to from the superstar of comprised Hollywood , , and . Jolie, its boyfriend Pitt and Aniston was all due to before assist to the sixth night charity anniversary that levento the eve of the prizes dellAccademia, but sig. It says, the "Angie is incredibly a fort but also incredibly sensitive woman and would always make attention when lle other sensibility of womans is interested. "Shed they exit of its sense to make sure that not there were situation that would damage unaltra woman because of she and Im who speak about one situation like one of former associates of Brads or its formerones;. And while the subjects of gossip of the Internet have exact a Jolie incinto and Pitt had extracted dellevento for fear of a showdown with Aniston, the port insists that the voices couldnt are ulterior from the truth. has cancelled deliberately unapparenza to a fundraiser of the pre-Oscars Co-accommodated from the former-moglie of the last month, because didnt it wishes to damage the sensibility of the friends stars, its brother that has supported.

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