Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lindsay Lohan S Mom To Star In Reality Tv Show

Lindsay Lohan

has taken to the heat a lot for laumento in cargo of daughter to the stardom and the visori of the television of the UNITED STATES hour can watch while she daughter Wings of shepherds 14-year-old in one the career of exposure transactions. A new program, "" promises to take to the publics allinterno of the suburbana center de New York di Dina and of Wings, beginning this summer on and!, the net of cable TV has said the tuesday. , 21, has begun to model as child and has generated a name for himself like actress teenage up-and-coming in film which ", " of the Disney; "" and ".". The date before has still to be fixed and the name of shows is still a title" "working; but has said "follow the Dyne of program will as the double quantity works must like the mom and responsible in order to help Wings to try to follow in famous large its sisters footsteps." And those are -- but not always glamorous -- great steps.

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