Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Actress Halle Berry 41 Delivers Baby Girl

Halle Berry

The mother and the daughter are marked for being fine. We say to that Clara Berry-Aubry' Star; it has been the chosen name, but not there is official word still. The continued breaches to that coming as even Has them didnt it wishes the nurses to take its child in order to clean up its high and measure. It was to align a .". . , 41, finally has given to the light to one girl of the child to 10:17am to Sunday. The "Halle it has been sormontato with emotion when finally it has held its small girl. She has them originally has arrived to the dellospedale morning around 4:00am saturday because she was thinking like was entering in the job. It has said that all it had gone through has been worth that moment. After that an increasing fright of blood pressure, the doctors transmits the actress.

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